I want to be healthy!
I want to be a milioner!
I want to..hmm?
What do I really want?

There was a period where I was lost. Actually I get lost quite often.
I have tons of ideas that I would like to do. I call them goals but actually they are more of ideas.
When I felt the worse I got a suggestion I should go to a life coach.
Talk about being offended.
In our society that is like having been told that you are mentally ill…

It was the best thing I ever did, even if it was really expensive (100 Euro / h). That was definitely an investment in my future.
Imagine having a brain feeling like cotton. When someone asks what do you want in your life and you stare at the person like a goat. That was how I was.

My life coach asked me to write 10 life values and prioritise them. In one month I would come back and discuss them with her.
I started arrogantly and said I can do it in half an hour. My life coach laughed and said ok. I wrote

  1. Health
  2. Family —to meet them, to help each other out and so on
  3. Openness about our finances
  4. 4. 5.  I was stuck

It took me a month to write the list. Try it yourself. It is not as simple as it looks like.

After a month I came back. My life coach checked the list and asked me: “what do you do for your health”?
I got red in my face. I knew the answer and I was so embarrassed to admit it but I had to.
I answered slowly and silently: “nothing”.
My life coach looked at me.
She looked in my soul.

It then came to me like a lightening. No wonder why I felt like this bad and lost.
The most important value in my life was obviously health, and I did absolutely nothing to value it. To cherish it. To fight for it. To live a healthy life.
How would other things work out when I didn’t even respect my first and most prioritised value?

That knowledge was wisdom for life!





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