“No brain on trip”- parents

Everywhere I read how one should start educating kids in economics from early age, but what about your own parents?
Mine are  “the golden generation” that are used to spend and have everything and are now slowly entering the “fabulous retirement”.
I for sure didn’t get any education in economics at home other than “there is no money ” for that or this. It made me conscious about the value of money as well as of keeping a budget and planning.
One would think that my parents learned something from that but no…I still today don’t get why they save this money just to give it away so easily. They save on everything and then one vacation and the money is all gone.

They started travelling pretty late in their life (lucky us). First they were not even interested in traveling.
Now,  they love to go on the “cheap” charter flights…. because it is “cheap”. So far so good.
Last time they had a very cheap flight to Turkey. According to my parents “the hotel was fantastic and the turks have this and that… AND there was this really nice trip where they were taken to all possible shops.”
My mom “loved” the jewelry that was offered for “special price” and bought things for 10 000 Euro!!! “Luckily”, they had “only” spent 4-5000 euro that they payed directly and the rest they where supposed to pay in rates.
It took me months to manage to cancel the rest of the payments. The jewelry itself was maybe around 2000 euro worth. Not to mention all the fights I had with my parents to try to convince them that turning on the brain isn’t too bad when going on such trips.
But hey, my mom wanted to buy this stuff for her kids and her grandchildren. No sign of regret at all.

One would think that they had learned that time. Next time they went to Cyprus and spent 7000 euro on crap. “Unique” jackets that costed “only” 500 euro instead of 1200 euro”.

When they said they are going on another trip I froze. I have never seen people being so easy to convince into buying crap.
So yesterday they called me from Malta telling me they had bought a new trip. I thought great..and then the shock.
My mom: Well, we actually bought 5000 points that you can use for 25 years in 109 different locations.
Me: How much does it cost?
My mom (annoyed): Why do you always ask about the price. If we didn’t have it we wouldn’t buy it..
Me: Because, you always complain about the money, you are teachers, and you never managed to go on any trip not overspending.
My mom: Your father made a great deal.
Me: Uhum. How much?
My mom: well, it costs 20 000 Euro , but your father was good negotiator so managed to get the price to 16600 Euro.
Me: WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? Who the f-k buys trips for 25 years, for 20 000 Euro?
My mom: Since it is for 25 years, you can use it. We have already payed 5000 Euro and thought that it is more probable that you will use it that you divide the rest and pay!
Me: Great, you should have at least asked me before spending thousands of euro for shit I do not want.
Am I the only one having this kind of “no brain on trip”- parents? Funny-quote-about-stupidity-by-Harlan-Ellison-FB


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