Money machine(s)

One of my goals is to get financial freedom.

My own personal money machine should be the solution for that. I have read a lot of blogs where many people see the money machine as a portfolio of stocks. Diversified yes, but still their machine is only containing stocks.
I am unfortunately a “financial chicken” and do not feel comfortable only having money in stocks, especially now with ATH it feels more and more difficult to buy stocks.

My goal is to have a diversified money machine.

My hardware money machine should contain :

  1. an income from renting out an apartment and amortise the loan
  2. a portfolio of stocks from the stockmarket
  3. (a portfolio of unlisted stocks)
  4. a portfolio of commodities
  5. P2P-loans
  6. cash savings
  7. passive income from businesses- crowdfunding
  8. salary from a “normal” job

Something I forget often is that I have to feed my “software money machine”. Money have no value if my health is bad or if I am sad. My “software (money) machine” should have:

  1. defined goals
  2. patience
  3. investment in myself
  4. mindfulness
  5. gratefulness
  6. empathy
  7. respect to myself and others
  8. passion
  9. FUN

No FUN  today and Your life will RUN away Poster


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