My strategy – Dividend carpet bombing

Dividend carpet bombing is obtained by a portfolio with a mixture of companies that are  paying dividends in different months. Some companies are paying dividends monthly, some quarterly and some once or twice per year. By putting together the “right” mixture of companies one can get dividends every month. This is perfect for people dependent on this money.
As an example
General Electric pay dividends in January, April, July, October
General Mills: February, May, August, November
Pfizer: March, Juni, September, December

When I first heard of dividend carpet bombing I found it genius and now I am trying to built up  such dividend carpet portfolio. I added also the P2P-loans in the pay schedule.

My dividend schedule (pay schedule) is as following:

January: Klövern Pref, Sagax Pref, Sagax D, Mintos, Lendify
February: Akelius Pref, Oscar Properties Pref, Mintos, Lendify
March: Axfood, K2A Pref, Castellum, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Mintos, Lendify
April: Cloetta, ICA Gruppen, Klövern Pref, Sagax Pref, Sagax D, SEB, TeliaSonera, Mintos, Lendify
May: Acando, Akelius Pref, Diös, G5 Entertainment, H&M, Latour, TeliaSonera, Intrum, Investor, Mycronic,Oscar Properties Pref, Xact Högutdelande , Mintos, Lendify
June: K2A Pref, LeoVegas, Mintos, Lendify
July: Klövern Pref, Sagax Pref, Sagax D, Mintos, Lendify
August: Akelius Pref, Oscar Properties Pref, Mintos, Lendify
September: Castellum, K2A Pref, Mintos, Lendify
October: Klövern Pref, Sagax Pref, Sagax D, TeliaSonera, Mintos, Lendify
November: Diös, Oscar Properties Pref, Mintos, Lendify
December: Skistar, Mintos, Lendify

I restarted saving in stocks in 2015 and on the diagram we can see a slight improvement in dividends. The dividends I am reinvesting and hope to get a little profit from the compound effect.

Screenshot at Jun 09 23-24-17


    1. Thank you for your comment!
      It is a good question. I can just compare Germany and Sweden so here I believe the reason is that in Germany the fees are much more expensive than they are in Swedish banks. So it takes a lot more money to come up with a dividend carpet bombing while in Sweden we can literally buy one stock at a time. However, I guess once the Germans have the dividend carpet bombing than at least it is a proper one and not just a couple of euros like I have now in some months 😀


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