I read somewhere that since 2003 for each day we get as much information as the whole human mankind got altogether until 2003. One could say that previously every day life was slower.

Today in one day we meet more people than humans did in their life time previously. Having this vast info input in our brains we are missing one of the most important things that we need for calming down and that is reflection. The time we need to go through our day, our arguments, our “default setting” . That is the time when we, ourselves, grow as humans.

The same goes for everything. Be it investments be it gold, stocks or investment in ourselves or something else. To grow and learn we need moments of reflection.

I used to reflect over things I have done or said, but lately I have completely missed it out and I promise myself that I will try to start  making it regularly. Especially for my future investments.

Your body's reflection is seen in the mirror (1)


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