June dividends

I believe June is the most “boring” month when it comes to dividends. I just obtained 2 Euros dividends from the stocks and 16 Euro from P2P this month.
However, the new emission of Sagax D is finished which means that I obtained new Sagax D. This will show already next month with increased dividends.

I admit it is quite depressing to get only 2 euro dividends from the stocks. When I read other bloggers that get  10-20 000€ dividends per year, as motivating as it is and as inspiring as they are, it does take some mentality to continue and never stop. I mean what is 2 euro??

But on the other hand every travel starts with a step.

When I started with stocks again in 2015 I obtained maybe 230 (~20€) kr that year. This year I am up in almost 4000kr (~380€) for now.

My next goal in my “financial career” is to learn how to do trading and to buy commodities. I don’t know why, but that feels so difficult which is weird. It should be as simple as going to the market buying milk.

In any case the reason that I want to learn all these things is my (for me breathtaking) goal.

I would like to achieve 100 000 euro netto in income per year.

Does it sound greedy?


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