My (bad) H&M strategy failure…

H&M is one of the stocks that I bought that was supposed to be THE stable part of my portfolio. Yeah right!
Yesterday, H&M reported poor earnings…again for like the fiftieth time. The stock price was quite volatile and will probably stay like that for a while.
So.. my question to myself is what to do with H&M?
In my case H&M is one of these stocks that got stuck with me and it is the personification of MY bad investment strategy.
In the beginning I lost a little bit on it so I hoped it will recover.  I waited for the stock price to raise…and it fell and I lost even more.
“Luckily”, I didn’t invest too much money on it. (Kind of reminds me of Buffets golden rules…1. don’t loose money, 2. don’t forget rule number one)
So now this “stable” stock is the black sheep in my portfolio. The one of the stocks where I ignored all the strategies that I had in my mind.
My portfolio is for the long run BUT to come back to +/- 0 H&M stock price has to increase around 200 %. Hmm.
“Maybe” it is simply time to kiss it good bye … fun



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