Fuck you money

It is amazing how few people are interested in economy. Especially women!

There are a couple of cases I met where I really wonder how they think.

My mom, for example, didn’t know how to pay bills. I had a crisis when she said that. Such a strong powerful woman having no idea of something so important. She said she didn’t need it because my dad always took care of the bills.
I have no idea how a person, be it my mom, can be so uninterested of something that has such a strong impact on its life.
Another diamond I met was a woman that was having stress with her husband. She would leave him immidiately but cannot afford it. After a while everything smoothed out in the relationship and I told her that maybe it should be a good moment that she starts saving. You never know what happens in the future.
She told me she has started saving, making me really happy..until she continued. She wants new breasts, so she needs 20 000 Euro for new breasts.
I told her she needs a psychologist. It would be much better invested money.
So a person having nothing, saves for a breast operation. No comment on that!

I met also some women from different parts of the world being absolutely 100 % dependent on the man and whether he wants to give her money or not. I forced them in discussions about independency and freedom.  I forced them to think outside the box. How? I told them about my grandmother.
My late grandmother was illiterate! Despite that she was one of the most open minded and pragmatic people I have ever met with or without education.
She always told her grandchildren, especially the girls, never ever be dependent on anyone. Earn your own money if you can.  If you cannot save every little penny you can until you have a proper saving so you can decide what to do if a situation turn hostile. Never let money be the reason to stay in a relation.
She said to me, that whenever someone gave her money for birthdays or other holidays she would put them away AND (my late grandfather) her husband would not know how much she had. He didn’t even know that she had that money. She also didn’t want him to know about it. It gave her power knowing that she had her own money.
Back than she said her own private savings, today we call it Fuck you money.

So girls, if you have no savings today is the day you should start saving your “fuck you money”.


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