Samhällsbyggnads i Norden Pref

I like the stability of preferred stocks so I try now to build up a portfolio where part of the dividends are coming from pref stocks.
I read about a company called “Samhällsbyggnads i Norden Pref” (SBB Pref). They are keeping social properties meaning they rent out to schools, police and so on.

The redeem structure is organised as stairs where the last and lowest redeem stock price is 600 kr after October 2024. (So I wouldn’t pay more than 600 kr for this stock).
If the company decides to redeem earlier than the price is set to 750 kr until year 2020 and 650 kr until 2024. Dividends are 35 kr per year.
They are on the “First North Stockholm” list.

Dividends are payed out in my weakest months January, April (not weakest), July and October.

So now I get at least a payed coffee per year in dividends 😉






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