Child benefit!

Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had additional 2600 Euro at my account!!! The reason is that I and my partner where living in two different EU countries for a while. The EU law says that in that case the child has right to the higher child benefit of the both countries. One has to apply for it and then wait for the descision. We waited almost 1,5 year because they had forgotten us (?) in the drawer somewhere. However, this is only possible to apply for until the child gets 4 years old. After that the money is gone!!

The child benefit money was immediately invested in a Louis Vuitton bag for the mom!! Just kidding. However, I was thinking of buying the LVMH stocks…
In the end I amortised 10 000kr of the loan of my apartment. I was thinking of using the whole child benefit for amortising but decided then to divide between amortisation, cash and funds/stocks.
I added 100-500 kr in each fund.

  • SEB 372 Sverigefond
  • Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag
  • Spiltan Räntefond Sverige
  • Swedbank Robur Access Asien
  • Swedbank Robur Access Global
  • Swedbank Robur Access USA
  • Handelsbanken Råvarufond 100kr
  • Avanza Zero, 200 kr
  • Avanza Global, 200 kr
  • Länsförsäkringar Global Indexnära, 100 kr

500 kr where added to the saving account (war chest) and a couple of stocks managed to end up in our portfolio:

  • NCC, 10 stocks, 40 kr dividends per year (D/Y)
  • Xact Högutdelande , 4 stocks, 20 kr (D/Y)
  • Sagax D, 15 stocks, 30 kr (D/Y)
  • Investor B, 5 stocks,  60 kr (D/Y)
  • LeoVegas, 4 stocks, 4,8 kr (D/Y)

Hopefully, that will add some 159,8 kr dividends per year…

money is flat.png

Love this one 😀


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