Invest 100 Euro and earn millions! -The Centrobanc fraud!

Soo many times I have read this. Many times I start dreaming how great that would be and then I think it sounds too good to be true ergo most probably it is too good to be true! I usually continue scrolling when things like this come up but this time a small devil said to me let’s check how the page looks like. I registered at Centrobancs page thinking that it is just a regular page to visit. I was actually interested in trading with commodities because I want to learn it.

In less than a minute a person from Centrobanc called. We talked and she INSISTED on me transferring 250 Euro. In the beginning she was quite nice but I had a bad feeling thus I said I want to check it up before I invest any money. She told me she will call me back in an hour.
In that time I was checking what was written about Centrobanc (usually I do this before entering any data, this time the brain didn’t work). As expected they had no licence to provide any financial services. The woman from Centrobanc called and I simply told her that I do not want to continue the process. I won’t trade with commodities, crypto and especially stocks on their page…
Then came the transformation from her side. She became very aggressive and I felt intimidated but thought if she is going to be like that then I will as well. To close the account she said I must pay 250 Euro! I said to her that I didn’t open any trading account. I just wanted to see the page and I refuse to pay anything. She said she has never experienced anyone closing an account (yeah right) so she connected me to the “finance department”. Here I was accused of being a liar and also that I am stupid. Literally they told me that I am stupid and a liar(?). I said then that there is no chance in hell I am going to transfer my money to them. Actually, I added I will also contact the police. I hang up and they continued to call me like 20 times per day. From different numbers from different countries. I contacted the police that told me I can get more help from the Consumer agency and found out that in Germany (I guess also in EU but I am not 100% sure):

  • no matter what they say on the phone unless you have a written deal there is no deal.
  • Further even with a written deal you have 14 days time limit where you can cancel any contract with no explanation. And that for free! No one can charge you for changing your mind.
  • Do not answer these people on phone! You just feel threatened because they are extremely aggressive!
  • By questions turn to the police or even better to the Consumer Agency and they will help you out
  • Never pay the money they ask for.

Well, sometimes the plan is to have a chill day but it turns out to be a stressful and annoying day…


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