Saving vs not saving

My mom usually says it is better to spend the money than let someone else spend the money. Now that sounds really weird in a normal persons ears BUT I can tell you anyone having family in a country that is having lower economical status than you yourself have, for example ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Africa and so on have experienced the problem.

Usually, family left in these countries are counting on it that you will help them. And you do. But sometimes I wonder to what extent that is ok?

One of the toughest discussions when it comes to savings I have had with people that usually complain having no money to save but are smoking and going regularly in cinema or “cheap”stuff like that.
These are in my eyes very spoiled people!
In one way I do envy them because they usually enjoy all the things to enjoy. That is because there are always people saving them when they need money.  There is a brother, sister, spouse, friend and so on always there to help them out.
If they don’t have money for the trip the partner pays their part. No money for the kids? No problem- the partner pays for them.
There is always someone that turns up and saves them from the disaster. Usually, these parasites have layers and layers of people taking care of them for some reason.
Usually, the one taking care of is the “boring person” that usually doesn’t go regularly to cinema, or does some other pretty expensive “hobby” and saves for something else. Something else that in the end the wrong person spends.

Like one case where the person started working, and didn’t get that it itself is responsible for paying the rent for the apartment. Couple of months later when the bill came that genius person didn’t have any money to pay the rent with. The person had spent every cent it had(?). The persons brother (called “the bank”) had to jump in and pay him his bills. The person owed his brother but quit working so now thousands of euros are gone.

This example taken from my life shows the importance of starting educate the kids early when it comes to money. It would for me be devastating having a child that doesn’t know simple things as understanding that one itself is responsible for paying for the apartment. I would feel like a failed parent.

But in the end the question arises: is it better to spend and not save than save and having someone else spending your money?

Now, most people would say don’t give money to this kind of person. But if it was your sister or brother you would loose a lot of money before reacting. Money that you could have spent in your own dreams. So what is better in these cases?
Saving or spending?



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