This month Castellum and K2AP Pref payed out the dividends. I got breathtaking 28,25 kr which isn’t really enough even for a cappuccino in a café BUT considering that my future pension at time would be hardly 400 Euro I need any cent I can get. I mean for 2,5 Euro I get a package of spaghetti 😛
I also got a huge amount of 2 Euro in interest from Mintos.
This month I continue to amortise the apartment extra and reduced my loan by 5000kr. I know some find it stupid to amortise when the interest is so low, but I feel that is the only “safe” saving I have where I can be 100% sure the more I pay off now the less interest I have to pay later.

I also bought some stocks and funds this month counting for an increase of about 140 kr in dividends next year. See the spaghetti turned into spaghetti bolognese :D.
I reinvest all the dividends I get.
The stocks and funds I bought are as follows:

  • 1 stock, Castellum, 5,3 kr dividends per year
  • 10 stocks,  NCC B,  counting on 40 kr dividends per year
  • 4 stocks, Leo Vegas, 4,8 kr dividend per year
  • 5 stocks, Investor B, 60kr in dividend per year
  • 15 stocks, Sagax D, 30 kr dividend per year
  • Länsförsäkringar Global Indexnära
  • Avanza Global,
  • Avanza Zero,
  • ETF: Xact Högutdelande

on a monthly bases I invest 100 kr each in following funds:

  • SEB 372 Sverigefond
  • Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag
  • Swedbank Robur Access Asien
  • Swedbank Robur Access Global
  • Swedbank Robur Access USA
  • Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik

I find it motivating to look at the dividend pay off diagram in Avanza. (Mine and others.. :)) In 2014 I sold off all my stocks and invested the money in an apartment.
However, I felt so naked having no stocks at all that I decided to start saving again.  In 2015 I had 283 kr, until today I got 3773 kr dividends per year (ca 400 Euro). Which is a nice improvement. Ok, not as some bloggers that have thousands of Euros in dividends, but I hope that one day I will also reach there 🙂




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