Divorce- the importance of fuck off money

A couple of days ago I met an acquaintance that is divorcing and moving to another apartment thus asking me if I could borrow 850 Euro for the deposition. I said yes because she has a small child. I felt obliged to help and to be honest I feel honoured when someone puts so much trust in me.
However, I also do have to say that I was shocked that a grown up person is having such a bad economy.  She is supposed/ wants to pay 180 Euro for a German course and I said well pay then. You see, the moment she gets her German course grades her salary is automatically doubling.
I said to her-” you know what I borrow you 1000 euro and you pay the resting 30 euro from your own pocket”…I added – “if you earn more the probability me getting my money back is higher”.
She answered shamefully: I don’t have it. I on my hand got terrified.
I asked her: “What do you mean you don’t have it? You don’t have 30 Euro?”
I hope I get my money back someday :/ but that is now why I got terrified!

I cannot imagine her situation. I told her I’ll help but she should also decide to never ever land in such a situation again. I believe you get what you create.
Imagine a small kid, a on- off husband where I even suspect violence being involved. On top of that having no money. I don’t know what to say.
I remember once many years back, my late grandfather told me:

Girl, a cow is a cow, but you check its teeth before buying it.

Back than I literally cried of laughter, not really understanding the meaning. It felt somehow hard to say something like that.
Today, much more experienced I understand it and I agree fully to it.

In the end I told her she needs to put up a buffer for her and her kid. At least 5000 Euro. She should cut all extra expenses that are not needed for surviving until she reaches that sum.
I find that sum to low for someone with a kid. On the other side for someone that is not working full time that is a lot, and it is better to start with a reachable buffer than killing the joy of saving.
All of this mentioned I must say I got motivated to check over my finances and insurances…




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