The Illusion of Choice

We always hear in political debates about how everything should be privatised “because “the communist state” is not good for the “free” market.” The less regulations the better while “the market will be ruled by the invisible hand”. Sounds all nice BUT what is actually happening behind the scene is often ignored.
To be clear, I am buying stocks and I want to have profit but looking at the big picture one should seriously consider this power these companies have (they can literally buy countries).
Here are some picture of Chris Miles showing who is truly ruling the world…To me, I admit it looks scary. It is pure oligopoly… btw can you can even call it oligopoly when only 4 players are in the round (read somewhere it should be at least 8 companies when one can call it oligopol) ?
Where is the choice for the consumer? Can a company get to big? What is our, the consumers part in it?

Regarding the control of media there is this proverb that I came to think of, but cannot remember from whom it is, that fits to the picture…

Are you sure You think what you think?

In the context, we are pumped since we are children with “facts” that maybe aren’t really  facts, but let us call it propaganda, to polarise it a little bit.

Realistically, unless we are taught by someone (forget about the school) to think critical we will turn up exactly the way the media wants us to… So then the question arise… is media the reason why more and more people feel bad despite having much better materialistic life? Is the media the reason that the brown “mud” is overflowing Europe right? Is the media the reason why we have stock market crashes? Is it? And final questions…where is the money? Who is earning at each situation that comes up -wars, politics, schools and so on?


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