In October Diös Fastigheter, Telia, Samhällsbyggnad i Norden Pref, Sagax D, Sagax Pref and Klövern Pref  payed out their dividends. This month I got 763 kr which is approximately 75 Euro. It feels a lot better than last month where I only obtained 2.5 Euro in dividends. From Mintos I got 2.32 Euro and 12 kr (1 Euro) from Lendify.

This month I continued to amortise the apartment extra and reduced my loan by 50000kr (ca 5000 Euro).

I also bought some stocks and funds this month counting for an increase of about 140 kr in dividends next year.
I reinvest all the dividends I get.
The stocks and funds I bought are as follows:

  • 11 stocks, Telia, 25,3 kr dividends per year
  • 5 stocks,  Acando B,  7 kr dividends per year
  • 4 stocks, Leo Vegas, 4,8 kr dividend per year
  • 2 stocks, Investor A, 24 kr in dividend per year
  • 3 stocks, NCC B, 24 kr in dividend per year
  • 10 stocks, Sagax Pref, 20 kr dividend per year
  • 1 stock Kinnevik B, 8,25 kr dividend per year
  • 3 stocks Swedbank A, 39 kr dividend per year
  • Länsförsäkringar Global Indexnära
  • Avanza Global,
  • Avanza Zero,
  • 2 ETF: Xact Högutdelande

on a (almost) monthly bases I invest 100 kr each in following funds:

  • SEB 372 Sverigefond
  • Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag
  • Swedbank Robur Access Asien
  • Swedbank Robur Access Global
  • Swedbank Robur Access USA
  • Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik


All the dividends are reinvested. These are no recommendations for buying any stocks. Everyone makes their own decisions.

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