Week 36

The reason I didn’t write for a while, is that I have been on “vacation” meaning I have been visiting my family. That is as far away from vacation one can come but it was still fun to meet everyone. Another major reason was that I crashed my phone the day before flying so I had unvolontary detox from social media and internet. I do have to say it was really nice 🙂

The portfolio value has increased, even though in the last couple of weeks the stock market has decided to correct itself and come down to more normal levels. This means that it has been quite depressing to watch the red weeks. Then I just remember the quote from “House of cards”. You have to take a step back and look at the big picture…

So I zoom out and see I am still on the positive side.

This week I started to buy crypto currency. I started investing a huge amount of money… 3 USD 😀
The reason I started is the FOMO, fear of missing out. The reason I do not buy with higher sums is that I simply do not understand how crypto currency, without any regulations, will be possible to use as normal currency.
I do not want to pay a coffee with a bitcoin and then 5 days later I can buy a house for that bitcoin. So if someone can explain how that is supposed to work I would be really grateful 😀

I bought Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum. I would like to buy Ada coin too but it doesn’t work on the platform I use.

The portfolio value is now around 727 000 SEK, which is approximately 70-71 000 Euro.

This week the stock market plummeted so I filled up with existing stocks. Except the Nordic Semiconductor, that is new to the portfolio the rest should increase my dividends already this year.

Nordic Semiconductor I bought two stocks just to follow it. In world there is a major crisis with semiconductors so if they cannot get it working now, so they should have a good position to work from.

In general I am trying to invest more in funds also. These are the ones I bought this week

How did you week look like?

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