Week 5, 2022

I just noticed that I haven’t written here for a while. So maybe I manage to update the blog for the last couple of weeks at some point. 😀

As many might notice the last couple of weeks we have had a stop in the rocketing stock market and the roller coaster started to drive down instead. This is the moment where one might get shaky and where you find out whether you are invested with too much money in your portfolio. If you are, well try to stay cool. I wouldn’t sell anything now if I don’t really need to…rather I do the opposite. If I have money…. I buy…

Week 5

Week 5 was another one of these depressing weeks where the stocks in my portfolio went down. When this happens I like to have the dividends because it keeps me motivated to buy more stocks.
The portfolio went down over 9000 SEK (almost 1000 Euro) , I got 376 SEK (ca 35 Euro) dividends that I reinvested in stocks that I already have. Swedbank (one of the biggest banks in Sweden), Essity (global hygiene and health company)  and SBB (property management). All of which give pretty nice dividends. Further I invest in funds on a weekly basis.

This week two ETF’s came through for some reason. I didn’t see that I had any orders there but fine…This seems to happen occasionally to me on the Nordnet bank making me suspect that I have some monthly orders that weren’t properly removed 😝
The ETF’s where the iShares Global clean energy and Wisdom tree cloud computing,  which I thought would be good investments BUT until now they have performed poorly in my portfolio. Time will show if I keep them…

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